Writing Great Openings for YA or MG novels

On Thursday, October 3 at 1 PM Eastern/10 AM Pacific, I’ll be teaching another class for Writers Digest. Last time, I had the opportunity to talk about what goes into a great YA novel, and this time, I’ll talk about writing great openings for YA or MG novels.

All registrants for the class get a 500-word critique of their opening pages from me, even if you can’t attend the webinar for the live broadcast. Writers Digest understands that sometimes, life and work get in the way of having the time to sit for a 90-minute webinar, so they’re very flexible about the ways you can attend. Once registered, you’ll receive a link to attend live, but you’ll also get a link to the archived webinar to watch on your own time. The 500-word critique is an exclusive perk for webinar registrants, too.

I’ve always said that I need 50 pages to know if a book is good but only 1 to know if it’s not. Come to the webinar and I’ll explain why I have this philosophy, and how to create first pages that will get me (and other readers) to read to page 50 and beyond.