Queries post for WriteOnCon

WriteOnCon is an annual online conference aimed at writers of children’s and YA books. There’s a little something for everyone: live blogs and panels, critique forums where you can post your work and possibly get it read by an agent, and discussion threads. Last year, I participated in a pitch discussion thread, and this year I wrote a blog post: 60 Queries in 60 Minutes

For this post, I did a live blogging of my slush pile reading. It takes about a minute for me to read a query letter and decide whether I’d like to look at the sample pages, so I chose 60 queries at random from my slush pile and posted my reactions to each one. Even though the conference is aimed at children’s and YA writers, I included some adult books in there as well, because a great query can happen in any genre. Also, some elements of what makes a great query (clear picture of what the characters are like, showing me what they have at stake, etc.) are universal across genres.

You can see all the blog posts from agents, editors, and authors for this year’s WriteOnCon here: WOC Program.


One thought on “Queries post for WriteOnCon

  1. I saw this post as it happened and it was one of the most eye opening experiences I’ve had as a writer in a long time. In theory I think we all understand what you all mean when agents say this is a subjective business and such, but this post really brought that statement to life for me. Great job on the post and thank you for participating in it!

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